06 Jul 2009

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis recently opened Take Me There: Egypt, an interactive way for young people to immerse themselves in the Egyptian culture. From a plane ride on Egypt Air to dinner at a family home, the gallery offers something for everyone, including people with disabilities.

The Children’s Museum is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities – particularly children – are able to fully participate in their exhibits, galleries and activities. It’s this commitment that allows a child who is a wheelchair user to board that flight to Egypt, and gives the child with a visual impairment the experience of living among the dinosaurs. As offerings to the public are crafted and arranged, the Museum’s staff places a key emphasis on how they can make the program accessible for all.

One of the greatest joys of my work is watching people with disabilities enjoy life’s experiences without the barriers that they usually face. I’m particularly pleased that parents can take their children with disabilities to The Children’s Museum and know that they will have the same immersive and inclusive experience as all other children. In fact, I was told by Museum staff that they once observed a child with a disability accompanied by his grandpa who also had an aging disability – and both were having a great time in the inclusive Dinosphere exhibit.

To learn more about The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, please visit www.childrensmuseum.org.

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