13 Jan 2009

From experiencing my first curb cut in Disneyland in the early 1970s, to playing a role in designing a home for the Superbowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, I know from personal experience that when a design works for a person with a disability, it works for everyone.

As an attorney with a disability, I help my clients look deeper to determine how people with disabilities can enhance and strengthen their economic goals. People with disabilities comprise a powerful spending block, and businesses and organizations nationwide are taking notice.

In coming posts, I look forward to sharing more about what we do at The Fehribach Group and how we help create economic opportunities for both our clients and people with disabilities. I also look forward to passing along my observations about the projects which we are engaged and the impact those projects have on people with disabilities and the community as a whole.


Greg Fehribach


  1. Lisa Fohl says:


    Thank you for your work throughout our community. Your insight into issues affecting individuals with disabilities has been an inspiration to many — including myself and my family. Our community is better because of you! Keep up the good work and please keep that insight coming!

    Lisa Fohl
    President Hollis Adams Foundation

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