31 Jan 2012

As a lifelong football fan, welcoming the Super Bowl to Indianapolis is truly exciting. I firmly believe that Indianapolis does events better than most cities. This week, our city will shine on the national and international stage.

It’s been an honor and a privilege for me to assist the host committee in ensuring the Super Bowl is accommodating to all guests. Our city already stands head and shoulders above others in terms of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion, which makes us the ideal home for a Super Bowl. Consider this: a wheelchair user visiting our city can enjoy all aspects of the Super Bowl Village and NFL Experience that is currently pulsing with activity in our downtown. A guest with a visual impairment can pick up merchandise at the Huddle for loved ones back home, all while contributing to our local economy.

Simply put, Indianapolis is the ideal Super Bowl city. Because of the commitment of generations of bipartisan city leaders, people with disabilities will be able to fully participate in the experience.

I hope you enjoy this short video produced by the Super Bowl host committee – XLVI Faces highlights the many volunteers and how their diverse experiences will make the Super Bowl experience unique for all guests:



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