10 Dec 2012

This semester, I had the opportunity to teach a political science/legal studies course at Ball State University that analyzed the politics dealing with Americans with disabilities and how our issues affected the 2012 Presidential race. 

This class is an integral part of The Disability Project, an initiative of Ball State’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs. Special thanks are in order to Dr. Sally Jo Vasicko and Dr. Ray Scheele for their continued and enthusiastic support of the Project.
As the 2012 fall semester winds down, I am pleased to have the permission from some of my students to share their thoughts about the class with you.  Enjoy a learner’s perspective, as it is an honor to be an educator.
“…prior to taking this course, I had almost no knowledge of anything regarding disabilities. I believed that the issues facing persons with disabilities simply did not pertain to me, but I was wrong. This class made me an advocate, and I will support people with disabilities.”
Heather Kelver, junior, LaPorte, IN
“Without classes like this, there is not an opportunity for my generation and following generations to understand the importance of a supportive government behind all kinds of diversity. As an individual with diversity, I understand that acceptance by all will not come over night; but learning that I have a government that will help give me a voice and help me succeed gives me hope.”
Jamie Barnes, junior, Lebanon, IN
“The Americans with Disabilities Act course at Ball State University opened my eyes to the past struggles, current goals, and future hopes for individuals with disabilities. This class specifically allowed me to understand society and myself in new ways.”
Kellie Snyder, senior, Troy, MI
            “…and as a person with a disability, I see classes and areas of study focused on disability as a vital part of the academic process. It seems unfinished and lacking to offer areas of study in all other major minority sectors and to exclude disability.”
Syd Comer, senior, Scottsburg, IN
“…I would say a class like this is a viable part of today’s academia. For universities looking for a diverse educational experience, this is a great way to achieve that.”
Jacob Caudill, senior, Cambridge City, IN
            “This great nation of ours was built upon the foundation of Freedom, Justice, and Equality… In order to preserve what the Founding Fathers intended for us we must fight for the equality of all. To begin this process we must educate ourselves.”
Seth Hinshaw, junior, Spiceland, IN
On behalf of The Fehribach Group, happiest of holidays.

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