25 Mar 2013

During the course of my 27 years as an attorney and a consultant on accessibility initiatives, I have had the honor and privilege of working on a number of projects that impact the lives of countless Hoosiers. 

Our cities and towns often are at the heart of accessibility initiatives.  Yet, for communities, particularly those that are small with limited resources, ensuring accessibility can be both costly and daunting. 

A number of Indiana communities are in the process of updating their ADA transition plans.  Drawing on our extensive local government experience, we are working with counties, cities and towns to develop a realistic and achievable implementation plan that enhances their infrastructure and future transportation planning needs.  We do this, of course, by helping local leaders prioritize and allocate scarce taxpayer resources.   

We too recognize that each community is different – what may make sense for Switzerland County may not translate well to St. Joseph County.  We also recognize that standards change, priorities for accessibility fluctuate, and communities make ongoing improvements to existing amenities.  That’s why our individualized approach is tailored to the communities we serve.   

Updating priorities for accessibility need not be a worrisome endeavor.  Rather, like most of our clients share with us, it’s an opportunity to strengthen the very amenities that our neighbors not only rely upon, but enjoy. 

It’s the foresight of community officials that ultimately allows everyone to attend a meeting or forum at the city hall.  More importantly, it gives a grandparent with a disability the opportunity to enjoy a picnic in the town park with their grandchild. These seemingly small moments add exponentially to a community’s overall quality of life, and make our towns a better place to live, work, and raise a family – for everyone. 

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