02 Jan 2014

Our city’s newest medical center, the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, is open to the public.  Its’ predecessor, Wishard Hospital, has provided the finest health care to the uninsured, underserved and the general population of our community for 150 years. 
As a Trustee of the Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation, it has been a transformational opportunity working with the team who helped conceive, design and build this iconic health care center.
Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital is more than a medical complex.  It’s where Wishard’s culture of compassion has found a new home.  It’s where medical professionals are partners with their patients.  Eskenazi is where patients emerge to take on their medical challenges with dignity and independence.  At its core, the hospital was built with the patient in mind. 
The physical space of the hospital delivers an accessible environment.  Procedure rooms, work stations, patient rooms and public space allow patients and their healthcare advocates ease of movement during their stay.  Additionally, all guests, staff members and vendors may move barrier free during their visits. 
Eskenazi Health continues its many educational partnerships, including Ball State University’s Bowen Center’s Disability Project to offer internships for students with disabilities.  This program is helping redefine what career choices are available to students with disabilities.  Thus far, two students have completed internships – one in Finance, the other in Rehabilitation Services – with more opportunities available in 2014. 
I hope you take the opportunity to visit the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and see for yourself how inspirational it truly is.  It may even spur you to choose Eskenazi and many of its recognized medical professionals for your health care needs. 
From our sports facilities, hotels, restaurants, convention centers and museums, Indianapolis continues to lead in accessibility.  We may now proudly add a universally accessible modern medical center to our collective work. 
Well done, Indianapolis.  And here’s to a Healthy New Year.


  1. Now I have two reasons to visit the new hospital. The Art was already on my list, and now I will be checking out what a model of accessibility looks like for public facilities. Thanks for this post!

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