30 Dec 2010

Recently, The Indianapolis Star and the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette published a letter to the editor from Dr. Ray Scheele and Dr. Sally Jo Vasicko, the co-directors of Ball State University’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs. In their letter, they discuss one of the Bowen Center’s newest initiatives: The Disability Project. I’m serving as a Distinguished […]

19 Nov 2010

One of the most frequent questions the students I teach ask is, “how can I market myself to potential employers?” In these tough economic times, it’s essential young college graduates – particularly those with disabilities – use every weapon in their arsenal to promote themselves to prospective employers. One of the oldest, and arguably most […]

20 Aug 2010

This issue of The Indiana Lawyer features an article about the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It includes an interview with my husband Greg, and touches on his experiences as a lawyer, inclusion and accessibility consultant, and a person with a disability. Greg, our boys Daniel and Luke, and I had a […]

19 Jul 2010

“This act is powerful in its simplicity. It will ensure that people with disabilities are given the basic guarantees for which they have worked so long and so hard: independence, freedom of choice, control of their lives, the opportunity to blend fully and equally into the rich mosaic of the American mainstream.” President George H.W. […]

18 Jun 2010

When I was a student at Ball State University almost 30 years ago, there were few students with disabilities on campus. Today, the campus serves nearly 600 students with disabilities each year. Its facilities are among the nation’s most accessible. Ball State also offers a state-of-the-art transportation system that is essential for students with disabilities […]

10 May 2010

As a Distinguished Fellow with Ball State University’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs, I have the honor and privilege of participating in the Center’s innovative project to help identify and address the barriers to employment that face college-educated people with disabilities. One of my responsibilities as a fellow is to teach a political science course, […]

07 Mar 2010

In recent weeks, Central Indiana residents have been introduced to Indy Connect, a regional transportation initiative that has the potential to transform transportation in our community. It includes multiple modes of transportation – expanded roads, commuter and light rail, enhanced bus service, and bike and pedestrian walkways – to give us more ways to connect […]