09 Dec 2011

‘Tis the season for gatherings. Beginning with the upcoming holidays and ending with the Super Bowl in February, Indianapolis will be host to a series of unforgettable parties and events, many of which will show our community at its absolute best. Mary Beth and I understand how much work goes into planning events. We probably […]

19 Oct 2011

Today, The Indianapolis Star ran a letter to the editor that I wrote about how important it is to choose our words carefully in referring to people of diverse backgrounds, particularly people with disabilities. Below is the letter. I look forward to your comments. “Blind.” “Crippled.” “Crazy.” Those are words that hurt. They hurt the […]

07 Oct 2011

Last week, Greg and I hosted an event for colleagues, friends, and neighbors to brief them about a project that is very important to us: the new Wishard Hospital, which will be called Eskenazi Health. When we welcomed our guests at our home I told them that the Foundation had approached us about making a […]

26 Sep 2011

When I was a student at Ball State University many years ago, there were few people with disabilities that I could turn to for advice, particularly when it came to securing a job once I graduated. In fact, I graduated from college and earned masters and legal degrees – all before the ADA became law. […]

09 Sep 2011

Earlier this week, the National Organization on Disability recognized nine U.S. companies for their work in hiring and engaging people with disabilities. You can read more about why the NOD selected these companies as the “Fine Nine” on their website. Two things really stood out about the NOD’s announcement of the Fine Nine, which was […]

12 Aug 2011

Indianapolis recently commemorated the 21st anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act with the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Awards. For the last several years, this annual awards ceremony honors individuals, businesses and organizations that promote enhanced access and quality of life for people with disabilities. The list of […]

13 Jun 2011

The Ball State University Disabled Student Development Awards Ceremony was held on April 12, 2011 in the Student Center’s Cardinal Hall. As we have shared before, The Fehribach Group is pleased to sponsor The Fehribach Awards as part of this recognition ceremony. This year, we recognized six Ball State students with disabilities who excelled in […]

26 May 2011

For people with disabilities, the arts serve as a creative outlet and endless source of opportunity. Studies have shown that immersion in the arts directly enhances an individual’s potential for personal and social success. Art is a great equalizer, and now more than ever, people with disabilities can wander through a museum, shop at an […]